WICKED JOURNEYS, a comic scandal trailing the hit musical Wicked...

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by Paul Russell

Lethe Press

Starting life again in discount shoes is a bitch.

While shadowing the national tour of the hit musical Wicked, Prada junkie Alberta Smythe finds herself caught in a maelstorm of backstage dramas, lies, scandals, and (thankfully) sex. Smythe, a posh socialite-widow, and Michael DeMaio, a struggling, witty young actor with a terrible gnawing secret are joined by a deceitful charmer and his temperamental girlfriend...only to be abandoned penniless without transportation in the least reputable locale of their fabulous lives. Their disreputable, cadaver-lugging, old-world producer demands they finish the journey nonetheless, or forfeit promised rewards.

Traversing America’s highways and potholed country roads, and surviving on stolen hotel breakfast buffets and seedy truckstop grub, Alberta and Michael discover that starting life over against adversity can be a deeply rewarding, emotionally resonant, and hysterical adventure.


A Jersey Boy from PA:

Author of the best-selling book for actors, ACTING: Make It Your Business, Paul Russell began his journey in entertainment as an actor, and then crashed into a period of casting for film, TV and Broadway while directing theater in the boonies. He lives in a small Jersey town with many trees, not-quiet-enough-streets, and two rambuctious cats he parents with his partner.


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